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10 E-Commerce Mistakes To Avoid In 2015

A poor website design can quickly eliminate any chance of online success. The same is true for using the wrong applications and improper setup or customization. A very common mistake is often inadequate marketing and advertising. There are numerous reasons why a business can fail online. Here are 10 most common e-commerce mistakes to avoid in 2015.

10 E-Commerce Mistakes To Avoid In 2015

1. Not making available the proper budget.

This is one of the most common e-commerce mistakes to avoid. Yes, it is possible to open an online store for just a few hundred dollars. Opening up an online store in comparison to a brick and mortar location is very inexpensive. Nevertheless, a proper budget is required for website design, applications, and marketing a website. Even a small retailer will invest $45,000 – $150,000 to open up a brick and mortar store. E-commerce websites are a fraction of this cost, but they require the proper investment for quality website design and marketing campaigns.

2. Poor inventory levels and management.

If a company sells products online (unlike a solution or eBooks for example) a common mistake is poor inventory levels and management. This can cause a company to go out of business. Often online retailers buy too much inventory, which can dry up cash flow or cause products to expire. On the other hand, a shortage can cause e-commerce websites to lose customers, sales, and profits. The setup of the shipping and handing for an e-commerce website can also cause a business to fail online with unhappy customers.

3. Not having a professionally designed website.

For a business to succeed online, quality website design with the proper tools and applications are a must. Often websites have very poor and unprofessional website structures and overall design. This can very fast eliminate the chances of success. A website should be created and designed professionally for best results. Experienced designers know what works and what does not. Having professionals manage the website design is key to online success.

4. Low quality product photography.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Low quality images and product photography does not. E-commerce websites that use lower quality product photography have lower sales conversions and do not capture as many sales. Often online retailers do not hire professional photographers and use amateur photos on their websites. Furthermore, often these photos are not professionally edited and cropped for the website. Graphic designers should always edit the photographs prior to uploading them to the websites and online stores.

5. Lack of knowledge operating a website.

There is a learning curve to successfully operating websites. Often entrepreneurs and businesses do not gain the proper understanding of how to successfully operate and manage their online investment and e-commerce efforts. A lack of knowledge often is the cause of failure and not succeeding online. Like any other business, for success the right knowledge has to be gained and applied.

6. Having very little website traffic.

Without shoppers a website will not succeed. Too often e-commerce website businesses fail to generate the necessary traffic to their websites. Without website traffic, a business cannot generate much sales online. Business owners and companies often misunderstand conversion rates, shopping cart abandonment rates, and so on. Without knowing how much traffic will be needed on average to generate the desired sales, an online business will have a hard time succeeding.

7. Entering a competitive market.

The right due diligence has to be conducted to gain adequate understanding of the market about to enter. There are many reports that can be studied to determine good opportunities. E-commerce websites fail often due to competitive markets. Underestimating the amount of resources required to market and sell specific products online, often causes a business to fail. The market about to be entered needs to be studied and understood for best chances at success.

8. In-proper customization of applications.

There are several applications that power websites, e-commerce stores, and functions. These applications have to be setup correctly, customized, and integrated into websites and online stores. In-proper customization of applications can make an online business fail quickly. Experienced professionals, who know the applications well, should ensure the right setup, customization, and deployment of them.

9. Failing to optimize for sales conversion.

Conversion optimization is the service or process of optimizing key website pages for sales. There are many tools professional marketers use for increasing sales conversion rates on websites. Failing to optimize for sales conversion can cause a website to lose sales, customers, and profits. Conversion optimization becomes even more important with websites that allocate marketing budgets and have website traffic, but low sales.

10. Choosing wrong vendors.

Nothing can kill an online business like choosing wrong vendors. As a start-up or existing business, choosing wrong vendors can be devastating. To ensure best chances at success, a business should choose vendors carefully. The right vendor will pay attention to the details, listen to client’s needs, and execute the work with the desired results. Experienced professionals can help an online business significantly.